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I am Rahul, and I am from Indore. I work as a head of marketing at an MNC in Mumbai, and before that, I was a graduate in the UK and worked there for a few years. I am sharing my experience about Delhi Escorts service. I always think of having sex with a girl, but unfortunately, I couldn't get that chance. I read stories where a boy would persuade girls and aunts to have sex. But I didn't or didn't get the chance like other stories. This incident happened when I was working in Mumbai. I went to a club in Mumbai on Saturday night. From there my friends and I went to a friend's house and drank all night. We were doing it every weekend and got annoyed about these clubs and drinks in Mumbai. So, my friends and I made plans to have a holiday somewhere else.
My friends Karan and Jack came to Goa with a holiday plan. We took a week off from the office and traveled to Goa. We booked a beach resort and settled there. We searched for Goa clubs and went to a club that night. For a crazy adventure, I thought of booking an Delhi escorts. I was checking a website. There were a lot of beautiful girls, but I chose a lady whose name was Natasha. It was the 2nd of February at Goa beach. I was chilling with my friends, and suddenly a beautiful lady (Natasha) came up to me. She had dark lipstick and bright makeup and was sitting in the counter chair next to me. Our conversation was like this:
Rahul: Hello, first time in Goa?
Natasha: Yes
Rahul: Where are you from?
Natasha: Bangalore.
Rahul: Good. I am Rahul from Mumbai.
Rahul: How long have you been in Goa?
Natasha: Long enough.
Rahul: Can I give you a drink?
Natasha: Of course
Rahul: What do you want?
Natasha: Martini
I ordered a drink and returned with a glass of martini. After discussing the price, I put my hand on her shoulder and led her to my cab. We soon went to my hotel room. She started kissing my lips. It was an excellent smooch after a long time. It lasted three minutes. I was ordering dinner and drinks, and she got dressed in the meantime. She removed my shirt and kissed me on my neck and chest. I held her away from my lap and laid her on the sofa with one leg extended on the couch and the other on the ground. I pressed to the floor and sucked her breasts while rubbing her vagina from the top of her denim. It’s tough; denim made it even more challenging.
I took off her jeans and slipped my right hand inside, gently running my fingers over her wet pussy. She started moaning and started to move her ass a bit.
Then, I carried her and laid her on the bed. I kissed her all over her body, and her body was feeling very hot. The room bell rang, and she was naked.
She put on my shirt and opened the door, covering herself with a blanket. The waiter just stared at her in my shirt and froze and froze. She took food and drink from him and told him to leave. I knocked on the door and took off her shirt.
Since we had a whole night, she was talking to me for a while. My hands were busy rounding her pussy, fingering her pussy and getting wet, fingers running all over her body. We had meals and dinner, and then, I wasted no time and sucked her breasts. I patted her nipple.
I massaged her tits and her sexy thighs. She grabbed my ass and was playing with them. Soon, she grabbed my cock, and it was stroked tightly. She kissed my dick and gave me a perfect blowjob. My dick was super hard now. She then started playing with my dick rubbing it on her tits. Natasha began to kiss my body. I was the happiest person alive.
Then, I was wearing a condom and fucking her pussy. After quite a bit of cuddling, she came, and I removed my condom with tissue paper and washed my cock. We took a shower together and rested for a while. We had one more session in the shower. We had another sex at four in the morning.
In the morning, I dropped her off at the same club again. I went to my hotel room. I felt pleased, and this new adventure was crazy. If you also want to enjoy escorts service delhi just call on 9818720667 or visit
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