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Hello, my name is Sumit and I work for an IT company in Mumbai. Like any other IT guy, my daily schedule is quite hectic and so does my life. I have a bitter marital life due to my always complaining wife. She has issues with almost everything in me. She doesn't like my appearance, she hates my job. And most of all she is not as sexually active as I want. She always says I am too horny to handle and satisfy. I am not sexually satisfied with her and this frustration was almost going to ruin my life. I was depressed, irritated and had no attention towards my career. But one day things completely changed when I met Sunaina.
I was going home after my office and it started drizzling. At one traffic signal, I found a beautiful girl in attractive attire. She was slim, fair and tall. She was wearing hot shorts and a crop top. She caught my attention; I got my mirror down and offered her a lift to her place. She gladly accepted. She was sitting at my front seat and I found her quite a bit drenched. So, I put the heater of my car on. She was nice company to have as she talks very charmingly. Her place was quite far and it was going to take around 1 hour to reach. I was not able to take my eyes away from her exposed cleavage. She has smooth, white boobs and any man will find them attractive.
After a few minutes of talking, I got to know that she is a call girl and I really got shocked to know that such a beautiful, high-profile girl can also be an escort. She is well clothed and highly educated. She works in a reputed company as a manager and maintains a good status. She actually works as an escort part-time. And suddenly I got an idea, I offered her to spend a night with me and she agreed. I immediately booked a room in the nearby hotel. I called my wife and told her I will be at my friend's home for a party.
We checked in the room after having dinner. Entering the room she took my clothes off and also got herself naked. We went to take a hot water shower together. It was an amazing experience. I cuddled with each other very passionately sometimes and we started to kiss. I really love her elaichi flavored mouth freshener. I started to press her big boobs with my two hands. Things started getting steamy. I was so excited that I kept foreplay aside, made her bend in a doggy style and put my dick in her pussy. I always wanted to fuck under a shower but my wife was not interested. So, yeah! It was excellent. After 4-5 minutes, I ejected her. It was just the start and I was ready for the whole night.
I ordered some whisky for us and did some booze. Things got much more romantic then. She gave me a full body massage and it took my whole stress away. Her soft hands know the magic. Both of us were in towels and relaxed. I put my head on her lap and had so many talks. I shared my job issues and also my family issues. I have a son of 8 years and old parents at home. So, the stress of the responsibilities was too much. And at last, I told her about my wife and her behavior towards me. She is a good listener and most of all she empathies with me. She understood my problems and gave me some suggestions to deal with them. And I had realized later that her advice was quite helpful for me.
We got a couple of more pegs of whisky and I felt that the beast inside me was already awake. I got up and pushed her on the bed suddenly. I jumped up on her and started biting her lips. Ahhh! I love her lips, they were pink and juicy. I felt my penis erected like a rod. I snatched her towel away, got her naked and started licking her whole body. She was enjoying it and her moaning was quite prominent. My desires were bursting and I had planned to fulfil all my sexual fantasies that night.
I took my towel off and put my dick in her mouth. She was sucking it and I pushed it more, making her deepthroat it. She had a dildo cum vibrator with her. I put it in her pussy and played for it sometimes. Sex toys are fun. Then I made her lie on the bed and slipped my dick in her wet vagina. It was so warm inside and her tight pussy had eaten my dick whole. I started to suck her boobs and bite her tits. I flipped and grabbed her from behind, put my dick inside her and fucked better than ever. I ejected inside her mouth this time and she swallowed my semen.
At around 5 am, I felt my morning erection and this time she had a surprise for me. She handed a bottle of lube and asked to try anal sex. I tried it for the first time and I loved it. Her ass is as sexy as her pussy. And watching my semen coming out of her ass was so satisfying.
We still meet once a month to have sex but now I hire her from Delhi escorts service as it is more comfortable with them. They do not charge any extra and I find their service very economical. They arrange the stay, too, which is completely safe. There are plenty of sexy escorts other than Sunaina in their catalogue you can choose from. I recommend Delhi escorts to all of you guys. I hope you guys are going to love the
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